Photography Intensive Master Class

The  Photography Master Class is a 10-month step-by-step training series created to help you learn and master the art of portrait photography. With a strong emphasis on studio lighting, students learn to create powerful portraits and develop their personal style as a photographic artist. Students meet one weekend per month for 10 months to train with celebrity/beauty photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith and renowned commercial photographer, Derek Makishima.

During the Master Class Series, you will work side by side with icons in the photography industry as they share their knowledge, give guidance, and push you to become your best. You will learn to work with different types of lights, light modifiers and other essential gear as you unlock your hidden potential to create incredible images. Students will be required to take part in the in-class exercises and homework assignments.


Month 1:

Day 1: Photography Mastery Foundation
Day 2: Introduction to Lighting

Month 2:

Day 1: Working With Constant Light Part I
Day 2: Working with Constant Light Part II

Month 3:

Day 1: Introduction to strobe light
Day 2: Strobe light exercise

Month 4:

Day 1: Mastering soft light
Day 2: Soft light part II

Month 5:

Day 1: Beauty Dish Lighting Part I
Day 2: Beauty Dish Lighting Part II

Month 6:

Day 1: Working with Hard Light Modifiers
Day 2: Understanding lighting accessories

Month 7:

Day 1: Redefining Normal Light
Day 2: Redefining Light Part II

Month 8:

Day 1: Discovering Your Light Style
Day 2: Introduction to Video

Month 9:

Day 1: Critique photographs
Day 2: Curation & prep for photo exhibition.

Month 10:

Day 1: Group photo exhibition
Day 2: Group photo exhibition

Photography Intensive Master Class

  • Limited Enrollment (10 Seats Max)
  • 20 Days Course (Sat & Sun, once a Month)
  • ¥750,000* ¥950,000 (Introductory Price)

*Tax not included.

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